We have a wide selection of ready-to-wear hats & head pieces in a variety of colours. The ready to wear collection prices start from £50


Need to travel but no room for the hat box?

Looking for something special but don’t want a formal hat?

Hair accessories & cocktail hats are perfect if you don't want to wear a hat.


They are light enough & secure enough to wear all day & all night too!

I provide a range of fascinators & hair creations as an alternative.

All creations can be easily transported without taking up precious space.


All designs are tailor made & come in a variety of styles. Ranging from delicate hand rolled flowers & beaded stamens to simple shapes. These creations are easy to wear & put the final touch to your outfit.


Mounts for pieces vary from hair combs to clips, alice bands or elastic loops dyed to match your hair colour. These bases provide flexibility & mean that the piece can be put in or removed easily.