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Are you planning a fabulous day to the races and need something with the 'wow' factor to stand out from the crowd?


I will work with you to create a bespoke hat or headpiece that matches your outfit perfectly.


You may be thinking simple and stylish or bold and outrageous.


My passion lies with bespoke design so you can rest assured no one will have a hat the same as yours, making your hat a Winner.


I'd love to make something wonderful for your next race day.


Royal Ascot is the highlight of both the British social calendar and the millinery calendar it takes place each year in June!


It is a time of extravagance in hat making, as this most regarded accessory is worn by all.


Orders for Royal Ascot hats are taken from January to May. Please contact us with your requirements and any queries you have. We work closely with you and your outfit to create you something that is completely unique to you, a one off or you can purchase a hat from the collections. The options and varieties of colours, fabrics and hat shapes are endless so there is something for all!


If you would like to place an order for Hats for Royal Ascot please do so as early as possible as it gets completely manic in the studio in the run up to this big event. Please call for an appointment or email me

Royal Ascot Dress Code


In the Royal Enclosure:


•Hats for Ascot or a headpiece should be worn at all times

•That’s not to say you have to wear a large brimmed hat, you can still wear a gorgeous cocktail hat or a small based headpiece, but anything you wear on your head MUST have a base that measures at least 4 inches (10cm in diameter).

•Dresses and skirts should be of modest length defined as falling just above the knee or longer

•Dresses and tops should have straps of one inch or greater

•Jackets and pashminas may be worn

•Dresses and tops underneath should still comply with the Royal Enclosure dress code

•Trouser suits are welcome. But they must be full length and of matching material and colour

•Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not permitted

•Midriffs must be covered

•No fancy dress or novelty outfits



Queen Anne and Village Enclosure:


•Hats for Ascot or a headpiece should be worn at all times

•Strapless, or sheer strap dresses or tops are not permitted

•Trouser suits and jumpsuits must be full length and worn with a top that adheres to the guidelines above

•Midriffs must be covered

•Shorts are not permitted



Windsor Enclosure:


•Smart clothing no formal dress code applies except that replica sports clothing are not permitted.




Hats are delicate things that can be easily damaged, we therefore recommend when not on your head you look after your headwear as follows;  


Store out of sunlight in a sealed box/container - Sunlight fades the colour and keeping it in a sealed box will keep it free from moths and moisture.


Pack areas needing shape such as the crown and maybe an upturned brim, with plain acid-free tissue paper. Don't use coloured tissue paper as the colour could transfer onto light coloured hats.


Don't hang your hat on hooks for prolonged periods of time, not only will gravity cause the hat to become misshapen after a while, being in the open air can attract moths who like to eat the fabric.


Try not to get your hat dirty, they can be hard to clean! If you do though (we know accidents can happen) lightly brush-off any dirt with a soft clothes brush. If that doesn't remove the dirt, try very gently patting it with a damp cloth. We don't recommend using any cleaning products or any vigourous rubbing as these can make the problem worse.

Remove lint and dust from felt hats by using sticky lint rollers.

Always handle with clean hands to avoid transferring natural oils and dirt from your skin onto your headwear

Pick up brimmed-hats from the back of the brim rather than the crown. Too much handling of the crown can lead to it getting damaged.

Avoid getting wet, but if you do, immediately remove excess water with a dry cloth & dry naturally. Drying with hair dryers or artificial heat can lead to the hat shrinking or becoming distorted. Hats tend to dry into the shape they are left in, so if you can find something hat-shaped to leave it on, or pack the crown with a pale coloured cloth, this will help retain its shape whilst drying. Hats are maleable when wet, so you can also try and mould it back into shape as it drys.  

Avoid leaving in hot cars, windows or at extreme temperatures, many hats are made from delicate materials that can easily warp and mis-shape in excess heat

Do not wash, dry clean or tumble dry unless the hat label specifically allows it

Avoid contact with make-up and sun-screen as these can stain the headband

If the inner headband gets damp with water or sweat, remove the salts from the sweat with a damp cloth and turn the headband out to dry.

Treat feathers with extra, super-special care as they are very easily damaged