Creativity is Lisa's passion As a child she kept herself amused for hours on end playing with fuzzy felt, coloured pegs, & colouring in books,

as she grew up the love of being creative never left her, she studied many of the Arts.


Whilst at work Lisa learnt:


Visual Merchandising


Fashion forecasting

Customer Service



Whilst at college Lisa learnt:



Lino/ Litho/ Mono & Screen Printing

Dyeing & Batiq

Embroidery & Weaving

Beadwork & Applique

Felt making

Graphics & CAD

Fashion & Textiles


Photography & Developing & Photo Manipulation

Powerpoint Presentations

2D & 3D Design

Fine Art & Sculpture


Body casting & prosthetics

Block making

Felt, Straw, sinnemay & flat pattern Millinery

Theatrical Millinery

Feather & Tiara Headdresses














Inspiration can come from anywhere: I read a quote that said:  "To be creative must be tiring because you find fascination in all things"  

I would agree,  I can be amused by the silliest of things


I definitely associate with Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland as I definitely think outside the box


Art is like therapy,  You can wander off into your own world,  away from expectations & limitations


I spend a lot of time designing a Collection:  Sourcing Materials & Trimmings,  Collecting swatches,  Sketching & Designing shapes  & Creating moodboards


I love to experiment with materials & find new uses for old items, a lot of my work is Retro Futuristic,  I like to reference the past & create for the future.  I love to create something that doesn't exsist already.